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About us

The Spanish Association for Research on Cancer (ASEICA) brings together Spanish professionals dedicated to the oncological research in all its facets. ASEICA has more than 500 partners, most of them basic or clinical researchers with interest in basic applied research.

ASEICA is always open to new members. We invite you to know us better through this website.

Our Services

ASEICA offers to its associates numerous advantages in benefit of their professional practice and the oncological profession:

• Technical secretary

• ASEICA’s Web page

• News Service

• Alliances with other companies

• ASEICA’s Newsletter

• Scientific meetings

• Conferences

• Work groups

• Advantages for young researchers

2017 Main Actions

ASEICA’s activity is constant throughout the year and encompasses national and international actions. In 2017 ASEICA has promoted:

• Strategic Alliances with the following Societies:


• Scientific meetings:

1st ASEICA Educational Symposium

Madrid, 14th – 15th November 2017


Valencia, 28th June 2017

Symposium Manipulating the Immune System in Cancer (GECP & ASEICA)

Madrid, 16th November 2016

• Educational Conferences:

Young Oncologists Networking Evening 2017 (ESMO YOUNG, EACR, SEOM +mir & ASEICA)

Madrid, 9th September 2017

Oncología e investigación en España y su entorno: compartiendo conocimiento en cáncer. (AECC, ESMO, EACR, SEOM & ASEICA)

Madrid, 7th September 2017

Día de la Innovación en Cáncer (RANM, SEOM & ASEICA)

Madrid, 19th April 2017

• Participation in congresses:


• International activity:

EACR and CERU (Webinar, co-participation in congresses)

Promoting research

• Report on the I + D + i situation in Spain

(Joint project: Banking Foundation “la Caixa”, AECC Scientist Foundation and ASEICA)

• Call for Abstracts

Next Steps

• Research grants

• II Innovation Day in Cancer

• XVI ASEICA International Congress

• Activities CERU

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