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5th familiar Cancer Conference

| 7 junio, 2012

Date(s) - 07/06/2012 - 08/06/2012

CNIO Auditorium

The Familial Cancer Conference is held since 2004 every two years. The present Conference, hosted at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) aims to present recent advances in this field from a multidisciplinary point of view.

Bild1During this decade, familial cancer has become an important challenge for oncologists, geneticists and molecular biologists, due to its implications not only at the individual but also at the familial and social level. This type of cancers affect several members of a single family, being the identification of high risk families, the knowledge of the genes responsible for specific diseases, the clinical follow up of mutation carriers, the development of new treatments and the discovery of tailored drugs, some of the different challenges involved. In most of European countries, the number of professionals working in this field has increased ten times over in the last years, demonstrating the interest that familial cancer has in our society.

The Conference intends not only to cover and update numerous topics related to these genetic diseases but also to be a forum of discussion and meeting for professionals, either experienced clinicians and scientists or young people that are starting to work, or just interested in this exiting world.

•To update recent advances in familial cancer
•To better define the genetic profile of these cancers and the clinical management of families and patients.
•To analyze the impact of the new technologies and their contribution to familial cancer risk.
main TOPiCS
•General concepts in familial cancer: genetic variants, variants of unknown significance; modifier factors; genetic counseling
•Common cancers: breast cancer and the family of breast cancer genes; selection criteria and clinical management; new treatments; colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; genetic and clinical management.
•Other hereditary syndromes: Familial pheocromocitoma; pancreatic cancer; Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome; familial melanoma.
•Rare tumors: Fanconi anemia; Dysqueratosis congenital; genetic syndromes of the RAS/MAP pathway; li Fraumeni syndrome.
•New technologies applied to familial cancer studies: Integrative genomic analysis; cancer
genome and personalized medicine; whole exome sequencing in the search of high susceptibility genes.

Further information and registration at www.CNIO.es/meetings

Application Form (Registration fee 200 €)

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