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Molecular Biology and Innovative Therapies in Sarcomas of Childhood and Adolescence

| 29 septiembre, 2012

Date(s) - 29/09/2012 - 04/10/2012

Hotel Zamek Pultusk

Conference organized by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in collaboration with the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

Chaired by: Professor Beat Schäfer, University Children’s Hospital, CH

Co-Chaired by: Professor Ewa Koscielniak, Olgahospital, DE

Scientific organising committee: Prof. Simone Fulda, Institute for Experimental Tumour Research in Pediatrics, DE; Prof. Heinrich Kovar, Children’s Cancer Research Institute, AT

The aim of this conference is to bring together biologists and clinicians to implement the interdisciplinary approach that is needed to advance research and therapy of rare childhood sarcomas. The topics to discuss are the newest results in molecular and biological research such as the molecular characterization and identification of new targets for therapy, the identification of novel risk factors for stratification, the availability of new animal models in combination with novel insights from clinical studies. This interdisciplinary approach allows a dicussion about strategies on how novel agents can be incorporated into current treatment strategies. High-level researchers working on different sarcomas such as rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma and other very rare soft tissue sarcomas present at this meeting should further stimulate this goal.

For further information go to the events webpage.

Deadline for application 1 July 2012

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