Aseica women


The Spanish Association for Cancer Research has created a collaborative working group focused on highlighting and fostering the work of female cancer researchers in Spain. This pioneer group works actively to reduce inequality, offering digital and face-to-face resources for the general and scientific public.

Only two out of ten positions of responsibility in the field of cancer are led by women


Serve as a networking and mentoring platform between scientific women

Coordination with associations of national and international researchers

Advise basic and clinical researchers about their professional career

Boosting the visibility, work and success of scientific women

Promote outreach activities in social networks: facebook, twitter

Offer seminars and practical courses on professional development


Conócelas’, an event framed in the 11-F, Day of Women and Girls in Science, is a live activity whose main objective is to give visibility to women scientists who research cancer, in a dynamic and interactive way.



ASEICA4You is a mentoring program designed to help students and young researchers, facilitating the support of colleagues who inspire and guide them in the development of their professional careers.

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+ 35 AÑOS

siendo punto de encuentro entre investigadores básicos y clínicos

1000 +

investigadores en cáncer

30 %

de puestos de responsabilidad en el campo del cáncer están liderados por mujeres

60 %

de nuestros investigadores son jóvenes en pleno desarrollo de su carrera