2011, the twelfth year of Science in Germany is celebrated concentrating on the topic `Research for our Health´. All around the country activities are being organized that touch different aspects of this topic. It is organized by the German ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in collaboration with Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), an initiative by the German Science. Numerous partners from different fields such as science, industry, politics and culture make it possible to have a programm ranging from talks, films, presentations, interactive exhibitions and Shows to lab visits and expert to public discussions. Here you have the chance to participate and not only find information in the main language German but also lots of useful links and discussions in English.

Topics you may learn about are the frequency with which specific illnesses appear, up-to-date detection methods and procedures for an early intervention, therapy approaches and biases which do exist in the treatment of patients. Important questions are highlighted which will force the research and drug developers to rethink and adapt their approaches in order to give the best possible treatment.

There are activities and interesting links for every age. Have fun screening the page and getting informed: Wissenschaftsjahr 2011: Forschung für unsere Gesundheit.

Link to the German site describing cancer activities which will be the focus of all discussions and exhibits in the month of September: click here