In order to be able to fight Cancer, Specialists from all different fields have to work together. And not only those have to find a common language. The experiences from the hospital has to be included and problems from each patient have to be understood. In order to do so Translational Research is performed.

In this following Video young Scientists, a Biologist and a Clinitian who are working in translational laboratory, have tried to show this approach in a simplified version. They explain how the approaches that are no longer effective for some patients can be modified and adapted if knowledge from the basic reseach is included in the patients therapy. Clearly new findings do not directly result in new drugs, since this is a long procedure including mutliple control steps that have to be performed first. Therefore some discoveries take time to reach the patient as new drug or therapy. But sometimes it can be applied by changing or adapting one exisitng therapy to another one or combining different standart procedures which have been proven effective or promissing in experimental approaches.

Working in a Translational Lab (When Oncologists meet Biologists) by Jetzabel Garcia and Irene González from Intervals PRBB on Vimeo.